We’re Focused on What Matters Most Right Now in Louisville, Kentucky and the Surrounding Communities

At the Junior League of Louisville we live in the moment. To us, that means adjusting our focus according to our community’s most pressing needs. Our work is always evolving, and that keeps us on our toes, striving for progress, and preparing to take on whatever comes next.

Our current community goal of providing support to at-risk youth and assist with their transition to independent living, supporting disengaged young adults in obtaining access to education and employment resources in addition to gaining entry to employment opportunities, and assisting homeless youth with their transition to independent living can be achieved by working to develop a program to adopt young adults and furnish their apartments, working with our partners Coalition Supporting Young Adults (Coalition for the Homeless) and TrueUp to bridge gaps that exist in our community due to the lack a Youth Reengagement Center, and creating a host home program where young adults can be temporarily hosted by individuals/families or at an Airbnb for a few months. So far we have provided a three-year grant totaling $45,000 to assisting in the funding and operating of the Youth Reengagement Center to achieve this. We are continuing to work to develop a number of coalitions within our community with the goal of accomplishing the following: Advocate for the State bill to lower the age of foster care transition support to fifteen, secure transportation options for homeless young adults in the City of Louisville and educate landlords on the need for safe and affordable apartments that can be set aside for target group at a fair market rate. We will seek the partnership of many potential thought leaders and influencers in this space, such as the state and city legislatures, TARC, Greater Louisville Association of Realtors, TrueUp, and KY Youth Advocates, etc.

Our goal is to help Louisville women develop civic leadership skills through the work they do, then put those talents to work in the communities that need it. Our current focus of Youth Homelessness and Development gives women opportunities to grow, while positively impacting the communities where they live and work.

We’re Creating Fulfilling Leadership Opportunities Throughout Louisville

The Junior League of Louisville offers so much more than local volunteering opportunities! Our League of leaders creates real change by advancing social activism-focused projects that directly benefit the communities of Louisville. By giving women the tools to lead, educating them about their communities’ needs, and helping them put their unique brand of creativity and skill to work, Junior League of Louisville is making a big impact on Louisville.

We’re Transforming Louisville Communities By Challenging the Status Quo

No matter what we’re currently focusing on, the Junior League of Louisville’s work centers around improving our local communities through effective action and leadership. We have identified Youth Homelessness and Development as the most pressing issue in our community right now, and we are helping local women take action to resolve it.